IAQ Webinar Series

Last year, CHHC’s Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) workgroup hosted a webinar series for tenant-serving organizations.  These webinars served as introductions to common indoor air quality issues with practical advice on what tenants can do to address and prevent them (pest infestations and secondhand smokemold and lead, and ventilation/air filtration and tenants’ rights).

The workgroup has kicked off their series for 2024 with a session on wildfire smoke (see below).  In this session, Irena Pavlovic with the US EPA provided an overview of the health impacts associated with exposure to wildfire smoke and tips on creating “clean rooms” and other strategies to minimize exposure during wildfire events.

Keep an eye out as there will be two more sessions this year!

The California Healthy Housing Coalition’s mission is to provide leadership to ensure safe and healthy housing for all Californians, with a focus on low-income communities and communities of color 

The coalition’s diverse membership, including housing rights and social justice organizations, public health advocates, local, state, and federal government agencies, and other experts on housing, indoor air quality, and health, comes together to provide resources, expertise, and advocacy for statewide policies to promote and protect healthy housing for all.

2024 CHHC Annual Meeting

CHHC held its one in-person meeting of the year at the Sierra Health Foundation in Sacramento on March 21-22.

The event brought over fifty members together to learn, share, and collaborate on strategies to improve healthy housing in California.  Day one included an update on the state policy landscape from Assemblymember Ward, presentations on lead poisoning prevention, social housing, and addressing illegal units without displacement, and breakout sessions for our workgroups (Habitability, Indoor Air Quality, and Lead Poisoning Prevention).  On day two some of our members took a half-day training on healthy housing and code enforcement from our partners at 4Leaf, while others participated in an advocacy day at the capitol, educating our state representatives about healthy housing.

Overall, it was a great opportunity to learn and network.  Find out more about our event here.

Healthy Housing Resource

Principles for Equitable Smoke-Free Multi-Family Housing

While there is wide agreement that exposure to secondhand smoke in multifamily housing is a serious problem, how to protect residents of multifamily housing from drifting secondhand smoke has been challenging and divisive.  Leveraging over a decade of collaboration between public health and tenants’ rights members, CHHC brought a small group of partners together to have a facilitated discussion that explored the impacts of a range of approaches to addressing secondhand smoke exposure in multi-family housing.   The result was a set of consensus-based Principles for Equitable Smoke-Free Multifamily Housing that attempts to balance health protections with housing stability to aid future efforts to create equitable approaches to addressing this challenging issue.  


CHHC members address healthy housing from multiple perspectives. As a result, the coalition’s priorities represent a comprehensive approach towards achieving healthy housing for all. CHHC organizes itself into three workgroups focused on the following priorities:


Combat substandard housing conditions affecting many low-income renters, such as pest infestations and mold.

Indoor Air Quality

Reduce exposure to contaminants in the home, including pesticides, tobacco smoke, and outdoor pollution.

Lead Poisoning Prevention

Eliminate exposure to lead hazards in the home and improve the identification of and support to lead poisoned children.

Healthy Housing Resource

IPM in Rental Housing

Integrated Pest Management (IPM) is the most effective and least harmful way to address pests. By addressing the root causes of pest problems, IPM serves as a long term solution to pest problems that advoids the costly, routine pesticide applications commonly used in rental housing. To encourage more property owners to adopt IPM and a more effective and healthier alternative to routine spraying on their rental properties, CHHC members members developed a series of short videos to encourage landlords to transition to the use of Integrated Pest Management. Videos include: