Brandon Kitagawa
Regional Asthma Management and Prevention


10:00-11:00 AM
Third Mondays

Indoor Air Quality Workgroup (IAQ)

One of the keys to healthy housing is protecting the air we breathe in our homes. Recognizing that many IAQ issues such as pesticide use, tobacco smoke, mold, and adequate air filtration and ventilation overlap with green building and energy efficiency efforts, workgroup members explore opportunities to share best practices, identify key resources, and increase awareness around healthy and sustainable housing.

Workgroup Priorities

  • Increase the use of integrated pest management in rental housing to minimize health impacts from pests and pesticides.
  • Reduce exposure the secondhand smoke by limiting smoking in rental housing and increasing support for smoking cessation.
  • Provide education and training about IAQ and health to key stakeholders (code enforcement officers, tenant-serving organizations, and landlords)